Central Region Boards & Committees

  1. Emergency Services Board (ESB)

    Review page containing documents and the event calendar for the Emergency Services Board (ESB).

  2. Executive Committee

    Executive Committee is comprised of the Chairs and Vice Chairs from every committee.

  3. Regional Advisory Committee (RAC)

    Discover current documents and a calendar of events for the CMNRadio Regional Advisory Committee. (RAC)

  4. Owners & Operators Committee (O&O)

    View current documents and calendar for the CMNRadio Owners and Operators Committee. (ONO)

  5. User Committee (Users)

    Read current documents and the calendar of the CMNRadio User committee (USR).

  6. Next Generation 9-1-1 Committee (NG911)

    Read documents and the event information for the Next Generation 9-1-1 Committee (NG911).

  7. Emergency Management Advisory Committee (EMAC)

    Check out documents and the event calendar for the CMNRadio Emergency Management Advisory Committee .

  8. Logger Committee