Emergency Management Advisory Committee (EMAC)

Emergency Management Advisory Committee coordinates planning, training, and the purchase and use of equipment to ensure the most effective response to emergencies, both natural and other, within HSEM Region IV, as directed by the Board. Emergency Management Advisory Committee advises the Central Minnesota Emergency Services Board on matters of protocol, procedures and operations as it relates to Emergency Management.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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Donations and Volunteer Management Materials

  1. 100-Fundraising-Ideas
  2. 55-Repurposing-Ideas
  3. Can the Cans Food Drives are a Terrible Idea
  4. CIDI Donation Guidelines
  5. CIDI-psa_baseball_glove
  6. CIDI-psa_baseball_glove
  7. CIDI-psa_shoes
  8. CIDI-psa_shoes
  9. CIDI-psa_teddybear
  10. CIDI-psa_teddybear
  11. CIDI-psa_teddybear1
  12. Community Recovery 10-03-17
  13. Community Recovery Plan Guidebook 04 01 16 (002)
  14. Cost of Tuna Donation from Chicago to Brasilia
  15. Disaster Assistance Programs1
  16. Disaster Relief Donations Better Business Bureau
  17. Donated Goods Category Numbering List
  18. Donated Goods Management Facilities Staffing and Support
  19. Donation-Inventory-Tracker
  20. Donations and Volunteer Management Guidebook 2015 Bookmarked
  21. Excel Inventory Template
  22. Frequently-Asked-Questions
  23. General Guidelines for Donated Goods
  24. General Guidelines For Volunteer Service
  25. Guidelines for Effective Int
  26. Letter-to-the-Editor-Template
  27. Request for Volunteers Form
  28. Request for Volunteers Form Lined
  29. Request for Volunteers Form Unlined
  30. RP 9525.2 Donated Resources Policy 2014
  31. Safety Briefing for Volunteers
  32. Sample Public Information Message Volunteers
  33. Signs for Volunteer Reception Center
  34. Signs for Volunteer Reception Center
  35. Toolkit- FAQ
  36. Tools For Giving
  37. Unsolicited Donated Goods Funds and LTR Workshop 10 03 2017 - bc1
  38. Unsolicited Donated Goods Funds and LTR Workshop 10 03 2017 - bc2
  39. USAID_Donations_Outreach_FactSheet_2017-2018
  40. Volunteer Management Workshop Central MN 06 17
  41. Volunteer Reception Center Facility and Support Requirements
  42. Volunteer Reception Center Facility and Support Requirements
  43. Volunteer Reception Center Sample Floor Plan
  44. Volunteer Reception Center Sample Floor Plan
  45. Volunteer Reception Center Sign In and Out Forms
  46. Volunteer Reception Center VRC Expense Log
  47. VRC Agency Orientation Packet
  48. VRC Referral Form
  49. VRC Referral Form Station 2
  50. VRC Safety Training Attendance Record
  51. VRC Staff Positions
  52. VRC Staff Positions
  53. VRC Supplies and Equipment
  54. VRC Supplies and Equipment
  55. VRC Volunteer Instructions Station 1
  56. Worksite Sign In Sign Out Form