Central Region Grant Reimbursement Process

FIRST - Submit your usual reimbursement requests to your county or agency. 

SECOND - Give your grant administrator all the receipts plus the travel voucher or expense report form that you submitted to your Auditors or Sheriffs Office.

  1. Conference
  2. Meals

Information and Documentation:

  1. Review Conference Memo
  2. Expense Reimbursement Form
  3. Only submit your $125 conference fee if your agency paid the fee. The Region will pay for everyone's conference fees.
  4. Invoices and/or Detailed Receipts (ECN requires detailed food receipts)
  5. Proof of Payment
  6. How to Submit for Grant Reimbursement Guide
  7. Commissioner Checklist

Grant Forms

  1. Grant Application
  2. Grant Steps

Application Documentation to Submit:

  1. Vendor Proposal
  2. Governing Body 50-50 Resolution (Stating the agency has the Match)
  3. Review Grant Deadlines Table Below

Grant Request Prerequisite Form

Complete this form if you have a new infrastructure project or training/exercise request. Your request will be reviewed by the Regional Advisory Committee (RAC).

Central Region Grant Reimbursement Process

ECN Grant Process

Required Documentation

ECN Conference Grants Video (2015)

Grant Deadlines

Grant Deadline Submit
SECB - Grant Applications Due December/July Vendor Quote and 50-50 Resolution
SECB - Proof of Progress Due March 1st County Board Resolution/Minutes/Invoice
SECB - Turn Back Funds Evaluated (tentative) March (tentative) Vendor Quote and 50-50 Resolution
SHSP - Grant Applications Due December Vendor Quote and 50-50 Resolution
SHSP - Proof of Progress Due July 1st  County Board Resolution/Minutes/Invoice
SHSP - Turn Back Funds Evaluated (tentative) August (tentative) Vendor Quote and 50-50 Resolution