Regional Interoperability Coordinators (RIC)

ECN has newly contracted with Steve Tait (Cedar Creek Consulting) to serve as the Southern Regional Interoperability Coordinator and re-contracted with Marcus Bruning (Marcus Bruning Training and Consulting) to serve as the Northern Regional Interoperability Coordinator. ECN will not contract for a Central RIC so Steve will partner with the Central region and Marcus will partner with the Metro region.

  1. Regional Interoperability Coordinators (RIC)

Requests for the Regions

RIC Requests:
  • Communications Unit Regional Intentions and Courses
  • OEC Catalog - Training & Exercises (Pgs 21-44)
  • Conference Advisory Group (CAG) Representatives from the Regions
Northern RIC = Marcus Bruning Southern RIC = Steve Tait
Northwest Region Southeast Region
Northeast Region South Central Region
Metro Region Southwest Region
  Central Region